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Covid-19 Updates

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July 31, 2020
The Maine Office of Tourism today released “Wear a Mask” posters in two sizes that are printable. While you are not required to use these, they can be helpful as they have the state seal and are clearly government issued.
Also released is the lodging Certificate of Compliance in a fillable form format found here.
Tomorrow, Friday, July 31st at 11:00 am, there will be a public hearing on LR 3333, which would extend take-out alcohol through April 15, 2022.
Here is part of the proposal’s summary:
This bill temporarily permits, until April 15, 2022, certain categories of on-premises retailers to sell liquor to customers through take-out and delivery service if the liquor is accompanied by a food order. The bill also temporarily permits licensed Maine distilleries and small distilleries that operate tasting rooms but that do not operate licensed on-premises retail establishments to sell spirits through take-out and delivery service unaccompanied by a food order.

Under the bill, wine and malt liquor may only be sold for off-premises consumption in an original container. Spirits may only be sold for off-premises consumption as an ingredient of an approved cocktail, which must be sealed in a tamper-evident container bearing a label identifying the vendor.
  • ‌To testify live: send an email to or call (207) 287-1692 as soon as possible. LIO will ask for your name and send you the link to the Zoom meeting. When it is your turn to testify, the chairs will turn on your video/audio feed in the Zoom meeting.
  • To submit written testimony: Because this bill has not yet been printed, you cannot submit testimony through the Legislature’s on-line testimony submission portal. Instead, please send your written testimony to with “LR 3333 written testimony” in the subject line (LIO will send the testimony to the Committee). 
Note: submitting written testimony does not automatically sign you up for providing live testimony, and vice versa. You follow the instructions for each activity.
Live video broadcast of the meeting can be found here:
Audio broadcast can be found here:

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