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January 21, 2021
Legislators have already submitted nearly 1,700 bill titles for consideration. We have reviewed all of them and have flagged just over 200 bill titles that have some sort of impact on our members.

Many times, we can tell the intent of the legislation just from the title, like An Act to Establish a Sales Tax Holiday to Help Maine Businesses Affected by the Pandemic, for example. That one is pretty clear. However, a bill like, An Act to Strengthen Maine's Economy, could be virtually anything.

While we aren't going to list all 200 bills, we thought these bill titles are worth noting:
  • An Act Regarding Paid Family Leave.
  • Last year's "Pack Tax" bill is back in An Act to Support and Improve Municipal Recycling Programs and Save Taxpayer Money.
  • Four bills to repeal Maine's upcoming plastic bag ban.
  • A handful of bills that look to increase Maine's income tax rates for certain income levels.
  • A welcomed sales tax holiday bill.
  • A "Dark Stores" bill with An Act Relating to the Valuation of Certain Retail Property.
  • An Act to Enact the Smart Home Device Privacy Protection Act.
  • Two bills related to the outdoor release of balloons.
  • Rep. Paulhus of Bath has two related bill titles: An Act to Expand the Definition of "Essential Worker" to Include Retail and Food Service Workers, and An Act to Guarantee the Right of Retail and Food Service Workers to Collectively Bargain and Unionize.
  • An Act to Require Furniture Stores to Accept Cancellations before Delivery.
  • A RAM submitted bill looking to address credit and debit card swipe fees: An Act Regarding Credit and Debit Card Merchant Fees.
  • A Act to End At-Will Employment.
  • It looks like restrictive scheduling is back in the form of An Act to Ensure Maine Workers' Rights to Request a Schedule Change at Their Places of Employment.
As of this weekend, exact bill language has not yet been released. All we have to go on right now is the bill titles, but from what we've seen, we have some busy months ahead making sure retail's voice is heard. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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